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Lone Elm Lane will cover the shipping costs for all items shipped in the lower 48 States.  A shipping “credit” will be applied to reduce the actual shipping cost on international orders. Email your address to us and we will gladly quote you shipping cost outside of lower 48 states. 

Sales tax will be added if you order from a Kansas address.

Loneelmlane : the silver needle, fine needlecraft materials

Other designers are featuring Lone Elm Boxes, too!

Autumn Posey from Plum Street Samplers - click for moreAutumn Posey from Plum Street Samplers
This is a pretty piece reminiscent of Crewel Embroidery patterns. You’ll need to choose a 36ct linen to work this on if you want to fit it into the top of a Lone Elm Lane 6-inch sewing box. (You might have that box already; if you are on the Blackbird Sewing Box Automatic ship, your box is black.)

Anyway, this is mounted into the top of a Robin’s Egg Blue box — but Lone Elm has a burnt red colored box that would be KILLER for the colors in this piece. (Changing the light rik-rak trim to a darker color as well would be a personal choice of mine!) Anyway, a pretty design, very traditional and primitive… it is coded for DMC or Weeks overdyed flosses. Talk to us about color choices on these boxes!

2021 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger viewA Full Heart, part 1 of 2021 Shepherd’s Fold
Shepherds Bush has sent the first design in their new 6-part Fold Series!!! A Full Heart is a charming pastoral scene complete with the sunny sky, brick red farmhouse, a blooming garden, busy beehives, and a flock of fluffy sheep grazing on the hillsides. Finishing a circular 7 x 7 on lovely new 32ct hand-dyed Stone Steps Linen, the fabric is very nice — sturdy, tightly woven and soft — but not limp!

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You’ll be stitching with solid and hand-dyed silks from Au Ver a Soie, Thread Gatherer and Gloriana in luscious greens mauves and creams. Tina has added several smatterings of specialty stitches here and there — all just to add bits of texture and interest. You can see some in the sheep and the grassy areas. There are precious bitty buttons in here as well… and everything can grace the top of a Lone Elm Lane Shepherd’s Plum Sewing Box… or it can be
A Full Heart, part 1 of2021 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger viewA Full Heart, part 1 of2021 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
*The Fold’s* first design… if you choose to ‘box-top’ this… you will create a storage place for the other 5 pieces that promise to be needlework smalls of cushions, cases and fobs!

A Full Heart is offered as a kit of chart, linen, silks and embellishments. Box or Mat for finishing is available separately. We have an auto-ship for the remaining kits in this series… and can send the box or mat anytime you wish!

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