Вязовая Роща Апарт-Отель 0* (Орловка/Автономная Республика Крым) — бронирование отеля, цены, описание, отзывы, фотографии —

Вязовая Роща Апарт-Отель 0* (Орловка/Автономная Республика Крым) - бронирование отеля, цены, описание, отзывы, фотографии - ОБД2
  1. Applications
  2. Bump version (step 1)
  3. Check program’s version
  4. Code rewriting
  5. Configuring grove for automatic documentation creation
  6. Conflicts in local packages
  7. Details
  8. Dry run bump
  9. Dry run install
  10. Elm grove, wi police stations | homefacts
  11. Elm-package.json
  12. False positives
  13. General usage
  14. Get help
  15. Global/local safety
  16. Grove-links.json
  17. Install
  18. Installing a local package
  19. Installing elm-lang/html
  20. Installing multiple packages
  21. Known issues
  22. Legacy release (support multiple major versions)
  23. Libraries
  24. Major features:
  25. Native packages are forbidden
  26. No rewrite
  27. Normal release (typical case)
  28. Npm 5.x.x issues
  29. Npm isn’t supported
  30. Npm production install
  31. Npm production uninstall
  32. Package sources are limited
  33. Package.json
  34. Pre-release
  35. Push repository (step 2)
  36. Rebased release (rare case to revert back to an old codebase)
  37. Release
  38. Releasing a package
  39. Remove safemode configuration
  40. Roadmap:
  41. Safemode none
  42. Safemode off
  43. Safemode on
  44. Silencing npm’s output
  45. Simple example 1
  46. Simple example 2
  47. Support for non-github servers
  48. The park at elm grove, elm grove, wi new home builders & communities — ®
  49. Understanding release scenarios
  50. Uninstalling elm-community/list-extra
  51. Uninstalling multiple packages
  52. Uninstalling packages
  53. Using grove safely
  54. Using grove to manually generate documentation
  55. Version determination
  56. When is package.json needed?
  57. Бассейн и оздоровительные услуги
  58. Зоны общественного пользования
  59. Информационные материалы — милуоки, wi
  60. Об отеле elm grove resort & spa
  61. Общие
  62. Отказ от ответственности
  63. Питание и напитки
  64. Развлечения и семейные услуги
  65. Разное
  66. Сервисы
  67. Спорт и отдых
  68. Стойка регистрации
  69. Транспорт
  70. Услуги бизнес-центра
  71. Услуги уборки
  72. Difficult to check for outdated dependencies
  73. Об отзывах
  74. Developing dependent packages simultaneously is not supported


Applications do NOT have public interfaces, so you must provide the version type via bump options —major, —minor, or —patch.

Bump version (step 1)

Package versions are controlled by git tags, e.g. a tag 1.0.2 is a valid version tag whereas tag 1.0.2a, test and 1.2 are not.

Versions are of the following format:


  • major, minor and patch are numbers

Grove automatically determines the version number based on public interface changes following the semver rules:

  • major — breaking change in public interface, NOT backward compatible
  • minor — additional functionality added to public interface
  • patch — no public interface changes

Check program’s version

This command will print the version of Grove and the version of Elm that’s supported.

Code rewriting

Normally, when you write Javascript code in Node, require statements will look for a node_modules directory under the directory where the module, which is doing the require, resides. If nothing is found, it will look to that module’s parent directory for a node_modules directory. This continues all the way up the chain until the library is found or the root directory is encountered.

NPM version 2 used to create a tree of node_modules but since NPM version 3, all libraries are placed at the root level. The only exception is when two libraries require different versions of the same library. At that point, NPM v3 falls back to NPM v2’s behavior and places the conflicting library underneath the module, which depends on it, in its own node_modules.

Since Elm is compiled, there is no sense of dynamic loading of modules. So all dependencies must resolve without conflicts, i.e. if Elm Package X uses Elm Package Z version 3 and Elm Package Y uses Elm Package Z version 4, then there’s a conflict and there’s no way to build you program without first resolving the conflict. This is why Grove checks for this during an install command.

To support NPM during an install command, Grove adds all dependent Elm packages that have a package.json to your program’s package.json as an NPM dependency. Then Grove runs an npm install which follows the aforementioned behavior.

Things become problematic because the Elm compiler hoists the Native Code into the final Javascript at the root directory. But NPM installed the dependent packages’s Javascript libraries, not at the root, but far below that.


This isn’t a problem if there are no conflicts among all NPM libraries. But it only takes one library conflict to cause problems.

So to solve this, Groverewrites any requires that are loading a conflicting library.

Imagine the following example:

Native code in Elm Package A and Elm Package B will be hoisted to Your Elm Program directory by the compiler. So the require statements in those packages will load Javascript libraries from Your Elm Program/node_modules which is fine for Elm Package A since version 3 of Library X happens to be there.

But that behavior is a real problem for Elm Package B since it needs version 2 of Library X which NPM put under Elm Package B/node_modules.

To remedy this, Grove targets all require statements in all Javascript files of Elm Package B that load Library X and rewrites the require statement.

For example, the following code in Elm Package B:

gets rewritten to:

Now version 2 of Library X will be loaded for Elm Package B.

Configuring grove for automatic documentation creation

During a bump command, you can configure Grove to automatically generate documentation.

grove config --local --docs=on

Typically, documentation configuration will be locally configured, but it can also be set globally by omitting the —local option.

When —docs=on, then the bump command will generate documentation.

You can disable documentation generation by using docs=off or remove it completely from the configuration by using docs=.

Conflicts in local packages

Since local packages are linked to actual source code, Code Rewriting cannot be performed otherwise Grove would be modifying original source code. Grove will exit with an error if this is the case.


This command installs <package> which can have the following formats:


When ONLY <repo> is specified then Github is assumed and the following format is used:

Dry run bump

This is EXTREMELY useful before releasing to perform all of the checks that bump normally does without actually preparing the package for a release.

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Dry run install

grove install --dry-run panosoft/elm-cmd-retry panosoft/elm_parent_child_update

This runs the install process and stops right before installation.

Elm grove, wi police stations | homefacts

Elm Grove, WI has 1 police stations. Find the closest police station to your home including contact information, maps and more.


This command will build a bare-bones elm-package.json file. In order to do this, it will prompt you for the following:

  • Summary of package — a general description of the package
  • Repository name — the name of the repository in the format: group/name. Github naming conventions are adhered to.
  • License — type of license for the package
  • Source directory — relative directory where the package code is stored

When prompted, the string in the brackets, [], is the default value if one is supported.

The following are the values of items that are NOT prompted for and therefore are constants:

  • Version — set to 0.0.0
  • Exposed Modules — is an empty List
  • Native Modules — the flag is NOT included
  • Dependencieselm-lang/core is the one and only dependency, to add more use grove install
  • Elm Version — the current version supported to the next version

False positives

Grove uses the documentation feature that is built-in to the Elm compiler to determine changes to the public interface. It compares HEAD with the most recent release that HEAD is based on.

There are times where this can produce false positives, i.e. Grove will think something has changed when it effectively has not, e.g.:

Version 3.0.1 code:

HEAD code (based on 3.0.1):

Here we have aliased types that cause a difference in signatures even though they are semantically equivalent.

This is a limitation in the Elm compiler since it doesn’t provide additional information regarding the fully reduced to a non-aliased type.

At the moment, Grove doesn’t try to resolve this. The hope is that, someday, Elm will resolve this issue when generating documentation. As far as I know, the standard Elm package manager also suffers from such a deficiency.

General usage

The general command-line format is:

Get help

This command will print the command-line help.

Global/local safety

You can configure Grove either Globally or Locally. There is a command line option, —local that can be used on the grove config command to configure local safety only.

Local configuration overrides Global. So you can set Global as —safe=on and then set a particular repository’s Local as —local —safe=none.

It is STRONGLY advised that grove-links.json is in your global .gitignore (or at least the local package’s .gitignore) to ensure it never gets checked in.

Here the keys are package names and the values are paths to the local package that will be linked to. Paths can contain Environment Variables in the form {<env-variable-name>}.

Here’s an example grove-links.json:


  • {ELMDEV} — the value of the Environment Variable ELMDEV


Make sure you have the following:

  • Elm version 0.18.x
  • npm version 5.3.0

Installing a local package

When the link option is specified, grove will consult the grove-links.json (in the current directory) to determine which repos are to be installed with symlinks to local directories.

Installing elm-lang/html

grove install elm-lang/html

Installing multiple packages

grove install elm-node/core panosoft/elm_parent_child_update

Known issues

  • Not tested on Windows — even though the code tries to be file path agnostic, I suspect that there are places that have been missed.
  • Windows SSH not tested (expects os.homedir() to contain .ssh/id_rsa and .ssh/id_rsa.pub)

Legacy release (support multiple major versions)

If you need to support an older version of your package, e.g. to support an older version of Elm, then you are going to be making a Legacy Release.

A Legacy release is where the HEAD is based off of an older major release, e.g. 2.1.0 or 1.2.0.

Legacy releases are RESTRICTED to minor and patch. If your code makes breaking changes, then Grove will exit with an error.


Libraries expose modules via elm-package.json. Grove determines the version based on changes to the Public Interface of the package, i.e. the exposed functions of the exposed modules. The logic follows semver rules:

  1. Changes to an existing exposed function = Major
  2. Deletion of a previously exposed function = Major
  3. Addition of a new exposed function = Minor
  4. Otherwise = Patch

Major features:

  • Written in Elm
  • Enforce Semantic Version
  • Supports Official, Native and Effects Manager packages
  • Install from Github, Gitlab, private Git servers, etc.
  • Install local packages during development (via symbolic links)
  • Manage Elm and NPM dependencies (works without NPM as well)
  • Uninstall packages
  • Bump package version with validations (with git check in)
  • Create documentation markdown from code comments (module & function)
  • Initialize package (create elm-package.json)

Native packages are forbidden

The standard package manager that comes with Elm is very limited. It will not accept packages with Native code in them. This rules out any server side code, Effects Managers, Elm running in Electron or on mobile devices.

  • Grove supports packages that have native code.

No rewrite

If you want to resolve the require problem yourself through some post process, e.g. via Webpack, or some other process, then you can disable this default behavior by specifying the —no-rewrite option on the install or uninstall command line.

I suspect Webpack will suffer from the same problems as Node, but this option was added for maximum flexibility.

Normal release (typical case)

A Normal release occurs when HEAD is based on the most recent release, in this example, that is 3.0.1.

Npm 5.x.x issues

Due to npm 5.x.x bugs, installing AND updating grove globally will have to be done unconventionally, for now.

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Also, if you encounter access denied or permission issues using npm you may want to consult Fixing npm permissions.

Npm isn’t supported

When written for node servers, Elm packages that have NPM dependencies must be manually added to the main program’s package.json. You also must manually check to make sure that the top-level NPM packages are semantically equivalent versions. (see Code Rewriting)

  • Grove updates your program’s package.json with packages that have native code and then runs npm install and npm uninstall automatically. It also removes the need for semantic equivalence.

Npm production install

grove install --npm-production panosoft/elm-cmd-retry panosoft/elm_parent_child_update

The —npm-production option passes -production flag to NPM during its install operation.

Npm production uninstall

grove uninstall --npm-production panosoft/elm-websocket-server

The —npm-production option passes -production flag to NPM during its uninstall operation.

Package sources are limited

Installing from locations other than Github is not possible with the standard package manager.

  • Grove will accept fully qualified package names allowing it support any Git server.


The init command will also prompt you to create a minimalpackage.json. If you respond with Yes, then the following keys will be created:

  • Name — set based on the Repository name prompt
  • Version — set to 0.0.0
  • License — set based on the License prompt


The bump command performs many validation steps prior to optionally generating documentation and bumping the version.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use the —dry-run option to validate and display the differences between HEAD and the latest version HEAD is based on.

This gives you a chance to see if you unintentionally made breaking changes.

Here is an example of what the output looks like:

Push repository (step 2)

Next, you must MANUALLY push the repo AND tags via:

Without the git push —tags command, the latest version of the package will not be recognized by Grove.

Rebased release (rare case to revert back to an old codebase)

If for some reason, you decide to base your next release on code from an older release, it is considered a Rebased release in Grove.

There are 2 types of rebased releases:

  1. (Rebased) HEAD is based off of an older release that shares the same major version as the latest release, in this example, that could only be 3.0.0.
  2. (Rebased Legacy) HEAD is based off an older release of a Legacy release, e.g. 2.0.0, 1.2.0 and 1.0.1 would be Rebased Legacy releases. Note that 2.1.0 and 1.2.0 would NOT be a Rebased release since they are the latest releases of those major versions.


Releasing a package is a 2-step process.

  1. Bump version using grove bump command
  2. Pushing repo with git push && git push --tags (Without the git push --tags command, the latest version of the package will not be recognized by Grove.)

Releasing a package

There are 3 types of releases:

  1. Normal — HEAD is based on the most recent release
  2. Rebased — HEAD is based on a release that is not the most recent of it’s major version
  3. Legacy — HEAD is based on an older major release number

For details on release scenarios see Understanding Release Scenarios.

Remove safemode configuration

This will REMOVE the safe mode option from Grove’s configuration file, e.g. when you no longer want the local override (the above command would need the —local option in that particular case).


  • Elm 0.19 support (once released)

Safemode none

This will produce no messages regarding package statuses.

Safemode off

This will ALLOW Non-official Elm Packages from being installed, but will display a WARNING to remind you of the risks.

NOTE: This check is NOT performed when you link to local packages since it is assumed that these packages are part of your codebase.

Safemode on

This will DISALLOW Non-official Elm Packages from being installed.

NOTE: This check is NOT performed when you link to local packages since it is assumed that these packages are part of your codebase.

Silencing npm’s output

grove install --npm-silent panosoft/elm-cmd-retry panosoft/elm_parent_child_update

The —npm-silent option will NOT display any output during the NPM install.

Simple example 1

Assuming you’re starting a new project that needs the following:

The grove init adds elm-lang/core in elm-package.json. The grove install installs all packages in elm-packages.json, which is elm-lang/core.

Simple example 2

Assuming you’re starting a new project that needs the following:

The grove init adds elm-lang/core in elm-package.json. The grove install adds the specified of the packages to elm-package.json and installs all packages.

Support for non-github servers

In order to work within the confines of the Elm compiler while still supporting multiple sources, Grove stores the source locations of packages in elm-package.json in a key called dependency-sources. This makes migration from elm-github-install easier.

The park at elm grove, elm grove, wi new home builders & communities — ®

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Understanding release scenarios

In order to understand Release Scenarios, let’s assume the following git history where the smaller circles are releases and the larger circles all the possible HEADs of your repo:

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Uninstalling elm-community/list-extra

grove uninstall elm-community/list-extra

Uninstalling multiple packages

grove uninstall panosoft/elm-postgres elm-community/result-extra

Uninstalling packages

Uninstalling packages removes the packages from Elm Packages and then it performs an Install minus the Npm install step. Then Npm Uninstall is performed.

Using grove safely

You can, however, benefit from all of the advanced Grove features AND all the runtime safety of the Official Elm Packages by configuring Grove to operate in safe mode (see Configure Grove for Safety).

Using grove to manually generate documentation

This gives you a chance to debug your documentation before you release your package.

Version determination

There are 2 types of Packages:

  1. Library, e.g. panosoft/elm-utils
  2. Application, e.g. panosoft/elm-grove

When is package.json needed?

There are 2 instances where package.json is needed.

  1. Any Elm Package (including Apps) that has Native code that uses require to load an external Node library, i.e. not core modules, e.g. fs.
  2. An Application that depends on an Elm Package that meets criteria #1 above.

Elm Packages that depend on Elm Packages that meet criteria #1 but are not Elm Apps do NOT need a package.json.

Бассейн и оздоровительные услуги

Фитнес-центр, Турецкая / Паровая баня, Спа и оздоровительный центр, Солярий, Сауна, Массаж, Джакузи, , ,

Зоны общественного пользования

Церковь/Храм, Терраса, Сад, Игровая комната,

Информационные материалы — милуоки, wi

Об отеле elm grove resort & spa

Этот курортный отель находится всего в 15 км от центра Севастополя и располагает пляжем, просторными люксами с великолепным видом на Черное море и большим спа-центром с крытым бассейном.

Курортный спа-отель «Вязовая роща» отлично подойдет для семейного отдыха.

В просторных люксах отеля есть кондиционер, телевизор с плоским экраном, камин и бесплатные банные принадлежности. В некоторых номерах имеется большой балкон.

Спа-услуги отеля «Вязовая роща» включают турецкую баню, массажный кабинет и тренажерный зал.

Гости также могут поиграть в теннис, бильярд и взять напрокат велосипед.

Ресторан курортного отеля «Вязовая роща» сервирует блюда Крымского полуострова и европейскую кухню. Блюдами также можно насладиться на солнечной террасе.

Центральный вокзал Севастополя находится в 40 км от отеля «Вязовая роща».

Общие услугиСад, Терраса, Церковь/Храм, Терраса для загара, Допускается размещение домашних животных, Ресторан, Бар, Снэк-бар, Круглосуточная стойка регистрации, Доставка прессы, Сейф, Номера для некурящих, Семейные номера, Кондиционер, Частная пляжная зона
Спорт и отдыхИгровая комната, Теннисный корт, Бильярд, Настольный теннис, Велоспорт, Верховая езда, Барбекю, Прокат велосипедов, Сауна, Фитнес-центр, Солярий, Спа и оздоровительный центр, Массаж, Гидромассажная ванна, Турецкая баня, Открытый бассейн (работает по сезонам), Крытый бассейн (работает круглый год), Детская игровая площадка, Караоке, Анимационный персонал
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Отказ от ответственности

Этот сервис может включать переводы, выполненные с помощью Google. Google не дает никаких гарантий (прямых или косвенных) относительно точности или надежности переводов, их коммерческой пригодности и соответствия определенным целям, а также не гарантирует, что переводы не нарушают прав каких-либо лиц.

Питание и напитки

Ресторан, Обслуживание номеров, Завтрак в номер, Барбекю , Бар, ,

Развлечения и семейные услуги

Караоке, Детская игровая площадка,


Семейные номера, Номера для некурящих, Люкс для новобрачных, Кондиционер, V.I.P. Услуги


Интернет , Беспроводной доступ в Интернет, Бесплатный беспроводной доступ в Интернет

Спорт и отдых

Теннисный корт, Настольный теннис, Верховая езда, Велоспорт, Бильярд

Стойка регистрации

Экспресс регистрация заезда/отъезда, Сейф, Круглосуточный отдел регистрации и обслуживания гостей, Доставка прессы


Трансфер в/из аэропорта, Прокат велосипедов,

Услуги бизнес-центра

Факс / Ксерокопирование, Конференц-зал / Банкетный зал, Бизнес-центр

Услуги уборки

Услуги по глажению одежды, Прачечная

Difficult to check for outdated dependencies

It’s too easy to release packages that depend on older versions. The only way to check is by manually going to Github and checking for a newer version.

Об отзывах

Мы считаем, что отзывы гостей и ответы от представителей объектов размещения покажут разнообразие мнений и помогут гостям принимать взвешенные решения при выборе проживания.

Developing dependent packages simultaneously is not supported

When you’re working on multiple repositories at once and there are interdependencies (e.g. Repo1 depends on Repo2 and Repo3) and all of these repositories are being changed in unison, it becomes very difficult to test since there is no way to reference the local repositories.

One solution is to use NoRedInks’s elm_self_publish but that becomes problematic when Repo2 depends on Repo3 directly but Repo1 does not. Since elm_self_publish updates Repo1’s Elm package JSON for each repository that it copies, Repo1’s Elm dependencies now includes Repo3 even though it should NOT since its an indirect dependency.

Another solutions are to manually copy these files or create symbolic links to the local repositories but these are time consuming, error prone and tedious.

  • Grove can automatically create links to local repositories.
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