GitHub – danigb/elm-core: Elm’s core libraries

GitHub - danigb/elm-core: Elm's core libraries ОБД2

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GitHub - danigb/elm-core: Elm's core libraries

Elm couch table & designer furniture | architonic

Casual, cool, Elm.

The completely newly developed sofa by Jehs and Laub succeeds effortlessly in bridging the gap between external austerity and absolute inner softness. To achieve this, Elm combines a fine, simple wooden frame in oak, walnut or in a lacquered finish with large, comfy cushions. Producing a sofa that makes an impression from all sides – especially when you sit on it.

With Elm’s perfectly matching shelving, your laptop, glass of red wine and Swedish crime novel are always within easy reach. So you can stay right where you are. The wood, surfaces and dimensions of the shelves correspond directly to the respective Elm model. Nevertheless, they are also standalone items which make a splendid addition to Elm anywhere in the room, and are available in two widths.

Github – danigb/elm-core: elm’s core libraries

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Every Elm project needs the core libraries. They provide basic functionality including:

  • The Basics — addition, subtraction, etc.
  • Data Structures — lists, dictionaries, sets, etc.
  • Signals — to make Elm programs reactive

In all Elm files there is a small set of default imports:

The intention is to include things that are both extremely useful and very
unlikely to overlap with anything that anyone will ever write in a library.
By keeping the set of default imports small, it also becomes easier to use
whatever version of map suits your fancy. Finally, it makes it easier to
figure out where the heck a function is coming from.

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